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It's My Life, My Future
ola `ana, holo I mua
living this one life, my future matters
Think college is not an option for you? Most Hawai`i high school graduates continue to a college or trade school.
Like working with your hands? Or being outdoors? Trade Schools show you how to make a good living doing something you like to do.
Wish the world was a safer place? Make your wish happen with a career in Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy

The military is 8 years of your life!

Learn what the recruiter didn't tell you here.

Not the Military...

Not College...


Park ranger, Attorney, Vulcanologist, Teacher, Biologist, Social Worker

These and other young adults "made it."

They tell you how they did it...

Aerial Forest

We are grateful to:

Hawai`i Peoples Fund,

Honolulu Friends Meeting,

the Ah Quan McCelrath Fund for Economic and Social Justice, and

Hawai`i Peace and Justice

for their commitment to social justice and their generous financial support for 808truth2youth.

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